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Stove Top Cleaning Suggestions

Follow these steps supplied by your team of cleaning experts so you can get the most spatter-prone section of the oven sparkling again.
Spray Grates
Follow these steps so you can get the most spatter-prone section of the oven sparkling again. This system is meant for gasoline stove tops (for electrical ones, scroll down).
Remove grates, griddles, along with other removable components. If the residue isn't heavy, skip to another slide. In case you have severe burned-on spills, place components on a newspaper outside or in a well-ventilated region and spray with an industrial oven cleaner, following manufacturer's guidelines. Let sit a couple of hours or overnight.
Scrub Grates
Wash grates in hot dishwashing and drinking water liquid. Work with a scouring pad on noncoated grates; for coated types, use a sponge. Dry before replacing thoroughly. Sparkle scrub sponges (much like shown).
Clean Fuel Ports
Clear any blockages with a paper or pin clip.
Remove Spills
Soak a fabric in warm water, and place on the spill for some minutes. Eliminate buildup with a rubber scraper. Pan scraper (much like shown).
Wipe the Surface
Work with a damp sponge to clean the surface clean. Be certain the sponge isn't sopping; excess water may damage the igniter. On a cup or ceramic cook best, work with a damp cloth.
Clean Knobs
Remove knobs, and clean with tepid to warm water and dishwashing liquid. Usually do not soak in drinking water or work with a cleaner which has ammonia or abrasives, since doing this may take away the graphics. Dry completely before replacing.
Utilizing a microfiber or cotton fabric, wipe the stove best dry. (Whether it's stainless steel, clean in direction of the grain.)