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Is Chicago the new leader in sound art?

According to a recent story in the Brooklyn Rail siting this year’s Outer Ear Festival as a driving force, the answer is yep…sure looks that way. Author Kurt Gottschalk marvels at the enthusiastic turnout for Hal and Olivia’s performance at the Cultural Center and the support (collaborative, if not financial) available to put on presentations the magnitude of Train Time–an installation Gottschalk describes as “almost unprecedented in scale in the history of sound art; drawing allusions to the Philips Pavilion at the 1958 World’s Fair, where Edgar Varèse premiered his electronic tape piece Poème électronique, would not be overstating the scope of the piece.”

A nod from the creative core of the Big Apple is always welcome, but the accolades just reiterate what Chicagoans have known for a long time: this is a fantastic city for making art. Thanks to all of you who continue to support and create groundbreaking sound art in our city!