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Recording Studio


ESS provides production facilities and support services for projects involving music in its many forms, audio art, radio art, performance art, theater, dance, film, video, poetry, and installation art, as well as cultural institutions who utilize audio for educational and outreach programs and exhibition design.

Studio A
An 800-square-foot multi-track live recording studio, with isolation room

Studio B
A soundtrack and mastering suite, with overdub booth


Gear List

Recorders & Programs Pro-Tools LE (16 tracks input), Tascam TSR-8 (8-track 1/2″), Max/MSP and Jitter, Tascam DA-30 (DAT), Otari MTR 15 (2-track 1/4″), CD & cassette
Preamps Mackie 24-8 board, M-Audio Octane, Presonus Blue Tube, Presonus Firepod
Outboard gear Ibanez Multi-Effects UE405, Furman Quad Noise Gate QN44, Yamaha Comp/Limiter GC 2020BII, Alesis Quadraverb, Aphex Systems Aural Exciter
Microphones AKG 414, Rode NT1A, Oktava MK-012 (2), Shure KSM 32 (2), Shure SM 88 (2), Audio Technica AT822, Shure 55S (2), Shure SM 57 (3), Shure SM 58, Shure SM96, AKG D112 (2), Nady DM80 (2), various contact microphones
Musical Equipment Sojin baby grand piano, 5-piece Tama drum kit, vintage Crate bass amp, Yamaha SY85 synthesizer, Boss Dr. Beat DB-66, 3 Passive DI boxes, bells & whistles

Access and Rates

The recording facility is available to ESS members at a sliding scale of hourly rates. Expert engineers are available and the facility is also designed for individual equipment tutorials and self-engineering. ESS is open by appointment and we recommend that you book your time at least a week in advance.


The live room in our new space provides a sonically rich recording environment for musicians and performance pieces. Recent clients who have recorded at our facilities include:

Michael Reed’s People Places Things
Guillermo Gregorio
Joe McPhee & Mats Gustafsson
Michael Zerang
Jason Roebke
John Corbett
Mittens on Strings

We have also worked with artists such as Gastr Del Sol, Jim O’Rourke, Ken Vandermark, and Low Skies over the history of the studio.

Our second room is geared toward film work and is setup for mixing, editing, voice overdubs, and mastering. Recent film work at the studio includes:

O’er Land (Deborah Stratman)
Dream Havana (Gary Marks)
The First Breath of Tengan Rei (Ed M. Koziarski & Junko Kajino)
Orchard Vale (Tim Kinsella)
Nice Bombs (Usama Alshaibi)
Jean Genet in Chicago (Frederic Moffett)
In Order Not to Be Here (Deborah Stratman)

ESS has also done mastering for clients such as:

Okka Disk
John Corbett’s Unheard Music Series
Peter Brotzmann (Fragments w/ Sonny Sharrock)
Peter Brotzmann & Fred Lonberg-Holm (Improvised Duos)
Sun Ra (Night of the Purple Moon, Secrets of the Sun, Strange Strings)
Brian Harnertty (American Winter)